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Fall 2014 News

I can’t believe how easily time gets away from me. Where did the summer go? No, where did the year go? But finally cooler weather has arrived. Yay!

I’m afraid I don’t have a new release to tell you about right now, although I do have several projects in the works. I’m excited about my proposed paranormal trilogy, THE UNINVITED. Keeping my fingers crossed that editors will like it too. BEYOND THE SHADOWS is my first attempt at a young adult trilogy. I truly believe that those who have enjoyed my adult paranormal romances will also enjoy these young adult books. I’m also dipping my toe into the contemporary romance market. I’ve started THEHUNTRESS.NET, and I’m allowing my sense of the ridiculous to run free with this one. Don’t panic, though, because I’m also halfway through Ganymede and Sparkle’s story, FOREVER WICKED. And finally, yes, I’m still trying to write Rap’s story from my GODS OF THE NIGHT series.

Now to answer the question I’m certain many of you are asking. Why am I running in so many different directions? The publishing world has undergone massive changes in the last few years. And trends change. I’d love to continue writing only paranormal romances. But the reality is that the paranormal romance market has shrunk. So if I want my books to appear on store shelves, I have to diversify. And before you suggest it, yes, I intend to self publish those books I can’t sell to the traditional publishers. My only difficulty is that I write slowly. This means it takes me longer to finish so many books. But have faith, I’m getting there.

Thanks for sticking with me,





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