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Return to the Castle of Dark Dreams
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Hello again!

Summer is coming to Texas, and things are heating up. Everywhere. Down in Galveston, Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede are creating their own firestorm as they work through the issues tearing them apart. Added to that, the Big Boss and the creator of all the cosmic troublemakers are at war with each other. Hey, who doesn’t enjoy an apocalypse now and then? Sparkle and Ganymede might get their happily-ever-after, if they survive. FOREVER WICKED is the final book in the Castle of Dark Dreams series. Look for it this fall.

A little of this and that. As soon as I complete FOREVER WICKED, I’m going directly to the next GODS OF THE NIGHT book. This will be Rap’s story. I’ve decided to set it in San Diego because I’ll be attending the Romance Writers of America conference there in July. I’ll have a chance to do lots of research and take tons of photos.

I apologize for ignoring everyone for so long. Since my last published book, WICKED MEMORIES, I’ve completed a young adult novel, THE TRUE ONES, and written a proposal for another paranormal series titled THE UNINVITED. I haven’t sold either one yet, but I’ll keep trying. I promise not to disappear again.






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